Friday, October 17, 2008

Life As A BB User...

... Has never been the same!

I understand why people call it the CRACKberry cos it can be rather addictive!


* the blackberry messenger. It's MSN on the move!

* being able to access my email when I want to!

* the sleek look of the Bold. Compared the previous generations of the handset, it looks much sharper!

* mobile blogging (like I'm doing right now)!


* not having my emails/contacts etc sync to my Microsoft Exchange wireless (like how my Diamond did)

* two-handed typing... Gosh I can walk into walls cos I can't take both hands (and my eyes) off when I type

* this HEAVY phone, as compared to my sleek and light Diamond

* having an almost fanatical need to check my phone for new sms/pin/emails practically every hour - even on my off days! It was bad enough with my normal phones... BB takes it to a higher level

* the user-UNfriendly browser

Ah well... This will be my faithful companion for the next two years. God bless my fingers!

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