Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jayvon's Baby Dedication Service

Baby ded

Nic & I excitedly brought Jayvon for his Baby Dedication Service @ Expo on Saturday, Nov 15. and joining him on this very special day were his friends like Jaelyn, Thomas George, Damian, Keira, Justyn... in fact a total of 66 babies were dedicated to the Lord on Saturday itself! Wow!


Here we are, waiting for our cue to enter the hall.

So you can imagine, the atmosphere at the Singapore Expo Hall 8 as the mini-multitude of babies started parading down to the front of the stage. The babies were all very well-behaved too! None were bawling or weepy. (Of cos, as they were all a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and the sound and the lights, so they only acted up after the dedication! Haha!)

As Pastor Kong could not rush back on time after the Jurong West service, he specially went to the Nursery to pray for each baby individually when the service ended!


And Pastor's prayer for Jayvon? He prayed that Jayvon will grow up to be WISE & INTELLIGENT! Amen!

Oh, and if you are wondering why my 10-month old normally-frisky baby was so docile in my arms?

Cos he totally KO-ed (knocked out) immediately after service ended, in Daddy's arms. He was super tired from all the excitement! Haha! So dear Jayvon, when you first met Pastor Kong, you were happily snoozing away!

Photos aren't of the highest quality (sigh... Nic's camera phone) but our help & salvation came when we saw our dearest Yang Zheng! So... once he finds time to send me the nice pics, I'll post them up too!!!

Thanks to E277 & E480 for your lovely present to Jayvon! Forgot to take a pic, and my maid has washed it already, but I really love the gift! I had planned to get a beanie for my baby, so he can wear in the Nursery.... and the pullover's great! Yes, I do have many sweaters for Jayvon but no pullover yet! So your gifts are thoughtful and spot-on!

After the baby dedication, my parents-in-law were also present and so we went off the Aston's Prime along Joo Chiat Road for a family dinner. Aston's Prime is a more atas (colloquialism, meaning expensive!) place compared to the sister Aston's Specialties.

I ordered the Chicken Waldorf Salad, and the portion was big enough for the 6 of us to share! At $10, it is a steal!

I had the Carbonara (nice!) and other dishes ordered included Breaded Fish (quite nice too!), Fisherman's Catch (looked very appetising!), Chicken Pesto (yummy!) and Chicken Fillet Burger. The last item was for Mun, my domestic help. It looked phenomenal! Came in a nicely toasted bun with lots of thick fries around. Unfortunately, she didn't like it - and said it tasted like FISH. Reason? The Chicken Fillet was seasoned with balsamic vinegar, so it took some getting used to. Ah well, Nic quite liked it anyhow!

Nic & I agreed, we should come over for dinner another time soon (& this time I will get to take photos, I promise!)

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