Sunday, November 02, 2008

Super Dads & Super Moms

I am amazed at my colleagues. As I look around the office, I see many regular & faithful bloggers! Hahaha! 

Given our hectic pace of life here in the office, the oft-late nights, looming deadlines, upcoming Asia Conference and so much more, it is amazing to find these people putting up their thoughts, revelations, and pretty photos up! 

More so when these are Dads & Mums as well to boot!

So a round of applause please, for these Super Dads & Super Mums! Take a peek into their blogs and see their cute kids & deep insights! I am a faithful follower of these blogs!

Ed's my long time friend, and he is AMAZING! After not one, not two but THREE kids, he can still juggle them, his zone, his wife (who sometimes guest-blogs too!) & a very updated blog!

Check Klessis' blog! She maintains not one, not two, but THREE blogs! *gulp!* And on top of that, still finds time to cook very delicious bento meals for her darling Joey. Remember Joey? She appeared in my blog before too.

a.k.a. Dawn's two princesses. One-year-old Debbie is Jayvon's fellow Office Nursery mate! She is so cute lor... She walks around the Nursery, has a LOUD and a very clear voice and always gives me a goodbye kiss! Dawn keeps this blog as a diary of where she has brought her princesses too & had loads of pictures too!

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