Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Presents!







It took me two long hours to get all the presents wrapped. Of course, this is just two-thirds of the presents I need to get, but hey - at least I'm more than half done.

Now, I am feeling tired relieved broke happy I've managed to get through it. Yes, I know you're probably asking - Why is everything wrapped in pink? Have you gone pink-mad? Eww... Pink?!? Did you have a particular Christmas wrapping theme in mind? Shaddap. Well, not really. It was just a very long roll of Watson's-bought pretty wrapper. Most of the presents were pretty small (Good things DO come in small packages, see?) and so I just couldn't finish the roll was too tired to buy new wrappers just decided to wrap up all the presents in this!

I've got some Christmas gifts already too! I've got a earring (thanks Bijia!), a stylo Aldo bracelet & necklace (thanks Wen!) & Lancome mascara & eyeshadow (thanks Evan!). Oh, and the best present (yet)? An iTouch from Nic!!! I am addicted to the games love this slick little baby! And Baby also got more presents than me five fabulous presents (all unwrapped - we'll wait for Christmas for him)

It is SEVEN days to Christmas & counting!!!

And if you are thinking what to get me... Let me help you here!

None of these please...

  • Towels (no matter how nice)
  • Earrings (errr... received 2, I think that is enough!)
  • Clothes (sorry, but I don't trust your taste won't like it prefer my own taste)
  • Stuffed toys
  • Bag (This bag isn't a year old yet, ya know?)

If you really really REALLY lurve me...


Loewe Maia Bag... (droooooooooooooooooooooooooool...) Anyhow, this bag is ALMOST a year old! :)

LV bag

Gorgeous LV bag (I love... *heart melting*)


Tiffany Sixteen Stone ring (yeah... U really REALLY have to love me!)


Nintendo Wii!

(Oh wait... Melvin's supposed to get this for Jayvon ya? Hahaha! Strike this off then!)

These are good too! ;)

lancome miracle

Lancome Miracle (love it!)


Ed Hardy tee!


Heeren vouchers! (Easy ya? Heh heh!)


wenwinner said...

Hahaha... Really so funny.. I love the way you describe the gifts!

Tiffany said...

Stopping by from SITS. I like your before and after pics of the gifts. i've got to finish my shopping and wrapping.

San said...

San-Wen: heh heh! ;)
San-Tiffant: Thanks! Will pop over to your blog toooo!

Xia said...

The Loewe's bag is so nice!!! Hmmm, I wonder your entire wish list amounts to how much (dollar n' cents, I mean). Haha!

Talking abt iTouch, I'm gonna try out that game u mentioned! =D

San said...

San-Xia: Err total cost ah? LOL... Quite monumental! :P

And yes - you will like this game! I got Frenzic too, super fun!

Joanna said...

Hey it's wrapped so who cares what color! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jerb said...

I like the presents that you like too!!!

San said...

LOL! Ssh! Don't let Jared know you got your idea from here hoh. He will SURELY say I am a BADBADBAD influence! :P Heh heh!