Thursday, December 11, 2008

Confessions of a Closet Online Shopper

It all started so innocently yesterday afternoon.

I wanted to go get some Christmas presents and so popped by Aldo Accessories to pick out some. After much deliberation and getting two presents from there (Oooooo... How efficient am I... not!), I strolled over to Aldo Shoes (conveniently located just next door!)

That was Fatal Mistake #1.

Fatal Mistake #2? Trying on some shoes!

And I loved this cute and chic dual-toned pair. I could picture walking down 0rchard Road in these! Haha...

Damage? S$135. A non-sale item.

Before I could make any impulse buy there and then, my credit limit was saved-by a phone call! So I decided to go off, and think before making that buy.

And I thought that was the end of that.

I even came home, met some of the zone leaders to talk about our upcoming 28 December Thanksgiving meeting (Heads up: it's going to be sooooooo fun! Cos I'm in the organizing committee! Haha!) ... Tucked Jay in... Had a conference call with JD and the 2 Audreys... I even blogged!

When all was done, I took the laptop to the room, planning to play online Scrabble (that's how when you are husband-less... sob!) And with Jayvon sleeping beside me on the bed, I took the comp, and before getting to the Scrabble website... I made Fatal Mistake #3: I keyed in


And lo and behold!!! The very pair of shoes I tried on that afternoon!!! On SALE!!! At US$45! Aaaahhh! And free shipping with purchases above US$50 too!

Gosh... Well, the rest was a blur.

In the end... I bought the shoes and 2 accessories (might as well get the free shipping, I reckon!)... Racking up US$55 which comes up to S$85. Of course this excludes shipping charges from US to SG, which should cost another $20-30, but with the original shoe costing S$135, I figured it is still quite a bargain!

What fun, online shopping!

I've always enjoyed shopping for Jay's clothes from Gap or Old Navy online. I just looked through my photo archives-here're some of the recent buys I have made. One-piece rompers, jackets (many many of these!), polo tees, jeans, tees... I've even bought baby SOCKS from Old Navy once!

US fashion


Xia said...

I love online shopping too! I think it's such a breeze, so easy.. at the click of a button. :)

I love Jay's jackets! Very, very nice!

San said...

Yes! But a bit TOO easy! :P

I think US babies' clothes are really so much nicer, especially when you look at the selection in Singapore.

I shall wait till my Aldo shoes come, then will let you all know how it all went again! Hahaha!!!

Xia said...

Yes pls!!! I can't wait to see your loots!

'Tis is indeed the season to be jolly! ;) Heh...

Jess said...

He is soo cute :)
Online shopping is a death trap. It's so hard to stop.

Amy said...

I love (and loathe) online shopping. My downfall is baby clothing stores. My favorites are baby Gap, Gymboree, and Children's Place (seriously cute pajamas for cheap).