Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas CG Bash!

We had our combined CG Christmas Bash yesterday at my place. And it was fun!

First, we decided on having Pot Blessing. That is, each member to bring a little something. What a FEAST that turned out to be!



And this is just on my dining table! We had to bring in another table to keep the rest of the food!

There was fried rice and fried beehoon (courtesy of Mun, my domestic helper - which turned out really delicious!), roasted chicken (in lieu of turkey), potato salad, spaghetti (more carbo... whooppee!), Old Chang Kee fishballs, and even a pretty mango mousse logcake!

We also had a Christmas Dip. Previous year's Christmas gift exchanges always got a little "foul-up" (someone inadvertently forgot to get the present for the person he/she is supposed to buy...), so this year, I had a Brilliant Idea #1. Haha! I decided that we should all just bring a present, without choosing whom we were buying for! And at the chorus of sighs when I announced it, cos the thought of receiving chocolates or photo frames or towels didn't really appeal to them, I had Brilliant Idea #2: we will do the Christmas Dip amongst people of the same gender - hence, girls will buy a present for another gal and guys will buy a present for another guy. That saved me so much trouble! I got a long, funky looking necklace from Diva (yes, thank me, Audrey Xie... Haha!)


Tsk tsk... Some tardy members, doing some last-minute gift-wrapping!

And at the same time, our dear Yang Zheng was pretty busy himself! Check out these shots...




All I asked him was, "Yang, can we have a CG photo on Sunday?"

And that is why I love this guy! He has such great pride and commitment and a spirit of excellence! To take a CG photo, he brought along his "full gear" to get that one good shot!

He was my wedding dinner photographer - and he did an excellent job!

*Advertorial coming up* ... so if you are in need of a good photographer, find him!!! Hahaha!

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