Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Daddy Goes On Mission Trip!

Early this morning (at 530am in fact!), Nic made his way to Lavendar MRT... The meeting point for the mission trip to get onto the coach - to Skudai Malaysia!

So for the next 3 nights, the task of making Jayvon sleep falls squarely on MY shoulders once again! Since Jayvon turned 8 months, we have managed to cajole him to sleep on the bed. As opposed to cradling my 10kg wonder to sleep on our arms. For a good 30 minutes to an hour! So you can imagine the great relief (to our aching arms and strained backs - mine in particular as Jay didn't take to Daddy's cradling) when our little boy "grew up".

And what a relief it came to me! As Jay absolutely adored bedtime with Daddy! I basked in my hour of alone-time... surfing the net, blogging, watching hongkong dramas on cable...

Well... We'll both be eagerly awaiting Daddy's return! Have a fun trip!
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