Monday, December 08, 2008

Is it December already?!




I have to get this through my brain. I was keying in a date this afternoon, and I put 0711 (i.e. 7 Nov!) and it took me a good 5 mins to realise my mistake.

It is December. That time of the year where the Orchard Road lights twinkle away, and Christmas trees are a-wash with colour and light, and the shops are all putting up the "Christmas SALE!!!" signs trying to lure that last penny you have...


I love Christmas. Ever since I was a kid, it was always a time of much planning and strategizing (how to get the most bang out of my buck! Having to buy a truckload of presents for a whole lot of people!), as well as basking in the enjoyment of nice and thoughtful presents received.

But 2008 has zoomed by soooooooooo fast!

I was just telling JerB just last week... "Hey, we got to send out that email to the various HODs!" in regards to staffing matters for 2009. And I continued, "Wasn't it just yesterday that I helped you send out that SAME email? Last December? For 2008?!?" Poor Jerb was bogged down with all the documents required by our auditors then (as she is now too)...

I am glad to report my Christmas present shopping has begun. With my presents for my nephew & niece, Samuel and Petrina... At the ball is going to start rolling! But the present list seems to g-r-o-w every day. I got to buy presents for my parents, my sisters, my parents-in-law, my sis-in law, my aunts, cousins... Then there is also my darling Jayvon, his friends... Oh, and then there is the cellgroup gift exchange and our department gift exchange! I really need to carve out one day to SHOP! Quick, SMS me your present preference! Hahaha!


Anyhow, here is a video for your viewing pleasure - Nuttin But Stringz, my favourite performers from America's Got Talent! Fantastic!

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