Friday, December 26, 2008

Jay's Presents

Jayv's very first Christmas, and he is one very BLESSED toddler! He received so many presents!

Gosh! He lifts his hands in despair as to which present to rip open next...

But he finally get his act together, rallies his Daddy and Mommy to put their fingers to good use - and the wrappers started flying off to unveil cool toys like these!  toys

The awesome-est giant Pooh bear came courtesy of me!

Uncle Zhiyong gave Jay an "educational" toy (his own words)...

"Hmmm... Uncle Zhiyong, your toy telephone is defective... There's no Number '0'! How can I dial my Mommy's handphone number this way?"IMG_1630

Well, defective toy phones aside, we surrounded Jay with his newly-gotten toys. And he had a blast looking and touching and pressing those dials!  IMG_1636



Once again, thanks to all who gave presents (to us and to Jay)!!! 


Meaghan said...

you're in singapore!!!! what a little sweetie! so cute and fun!!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Aww, what a sweet little guy!! Looks like he's got alot of playing to do!! What a fun and blessed Christmas!!