Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Milestones

IMG_0050Our Prince was born! Our lives are never the same again!

Soon after discharging from the hospital, he had a bad bout of jaundice and for the first month, Nic and I were shuttling him to and fro for his regular check-ups! What an emotional rollercoaster ride this month was!

We also employed our very first domestic helper, Lyn.

Jayvon's one-month celebration! All the cakes and traditional red eggs! It also officially meant the end of my "confinement" period (err... but those who know me would also know this was just a formality! Hahaha! I totally did not adhere to the "traditional" Chinese-style confinement do's and don'ts. Ssssh....)

Still enjoying my maternity leave, and my poor baby had to go for his jabs! So expensive!

Oh, and March 15 marked my DECADE-long attendance in my home church - City Harvest Church!

After two months with Lyn, our domestic helper, we decided she really couldn't meet the mark. She was untidy, clumsy and I could not trust her with my prince alone. So, we decided to get another maid, one that we could trust to help with the baby.

Back to work (already?!?). Physically, I was back in the office, but mentally and emotionally, it took a while for it all to kick in.

I sent my second maid back too. After a great first three days with us, she started to show her "true colours." She was lazy and emotionally manipulative, and a hypochondriac to boot. Do I sound harsh? Haha... I guess on hindsight, I really did feel for her in the beginning, but as her lies piled up (and her productivity dipped and our morales dipped even further), we realised we had made a big booboo and decided to send her back. What an expensive lesson we had.

The total cost of my first two maids? A sweat-inducing S$2,200 in maid agency fees and insurance, plus another $600 for the maid levy. And for three months of work received, we got back a oh-so-generous refund of S$188. Yes - that maid agency gets a glowing recommendation from me! (Excuse me while I roll my eyes and count to ten...)  didn't really get a chance to really give a blow-by-blow blog entry about these two maids. But it was quite a harrowing experience that for the next two months, Nic and I decided to "stay away" from employing another maid for a while. Sending our maids back, while needful at that time, was hardly a "fun and enjoyable" experience. As difficult it was for our maids, it was emotionally draining for us too.

Mainly cos of our maid woes, Nic and I decided to stay on permanently (for the next one year, at least) in Marine Parade.

Our third domestic helper, Mun, comes into our lives. She is a blessing! She is hardworking, and alert... but most importantly, she loves my baby too!

Things are looking up! Nic bought me a gorgeous Kate Spade diaper bag, the one I've been eyeing for the longest time! Heh!

With a  good helper in the form of Mun, our lives started improving. I really admire working moms who do not have domestic help. How on earth do they manage? I am so NOT a home-y person, and I struggle with household chores. Even in pre-Jayvon days, I dreaded to do household chores! Haha!

This period is my regular busy time, working on the Festival of Praise. What a great privilege it is to be able to do so! ;)

YK Zone Retreat! Jayvon's very first overseas trip!

Ooh, and not forgetting: The blog entry that started it all. Revelation! Haha!

My life has henceforth changed. My Blackberry Bold has come!!

Asia Conference 2008. 'nuff said. 

Merry, merry Christmas!

2009, here we come! :)

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