Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It’s Chinese “Niu” Year!

Yeap! It is the Year of the Ox!

And with any other Chinese New Year, it was filled with Feasting, Family & Friends!

First off, we had multiple rounds of “Reunion Dinners” – with Nic’s family, with my family, with the cell groups etc. Didn’t manage to take photos of the feasting (believe me, there was plenty of food!)

Here we are, all decked out in very festive RED!IMG_1878-crop

Yes – Jayvon is wearing the “traditional” Chinese suit! His first ever! (And both Nic & I agreed it will likely be his last – cos it is so expensive for a one-time use only… ) And so, everyone was clamouring for a photo opportunity with my little ‘ang pow’! suit

And it was quite a fun time… relaxing & spending some quality time with the family!

Oh, and Jayvon really enjoyed the ANGPOWS! Hahaha! Smart kid!



Jerb said...

I love Jayvon's CNY suit! So cheena but cute!

San said...

Yeah! It IS a super ching-chong kinda suit! Haha! :P Anything to be an angpow "magnet"! Haha!