Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jayvon's Birthday Party Preparations


We have been kept busy planning! And his birthday party's this coming Sunday! It is quite exciting. The last time he had such a celebration was when he just turned a month old, but then, he hardly knew it was a "celebration" cos he snoozed the day away.

Thanks to Zhenghao for designing this awesomely colourful birthday invite card too! :)

Some other things we got for his birthday:

a. A huge 3-D cake in the shape of a ship!


b. A pinata! I'd always loved this, reading about it in books, but this has never really been a common sight in Singapore. So I got Jayvon one for his party! My niece and nephews were supremely excited when they saw this! Haha!


c. Matching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse paper plates and cups!

Plates and cups


Venus Queen said...

Can't wait to go for the BIG BASH!

Jerb said...

The cake loooks so good!

San said...

San-Jerb: Haha! I hope the cake TASTES as good as it looks. It's from Coffee Bean! ;)