Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yakult Time!


Did you just see me feeding my sick & wheezing baby Yakult?



But hold the stoning please.

See, Yakult is part of his thrice-daily "medication."

And if you reckon the colour of the drink is a little off from what you remember it to be, fret not - it is not some bootleg (or you-know-where-made) version.

I drank up the bottle, filled it with water and THEN popped in a sachet of this orangey-flavoured powder, which the doctor says is good to dissolve Jay's flam.

Why Yakult? Cos he was super fussy yesterday and refused to take any liquids from his usual Avent bottle! So I had to trick fool placate him with this!

And as you can see... it works! Heh heh!

Oh, and his other "syringes"?

Filled with Zyrtec (to reduce his nasal congestion) & this herbal cough mixture that looks and smells like honey! Why can't "adult" cough mixtures taste like this? I normally detest cough mixes, cos of its icky  and fake cherry taste, but THIS smells divine! :)

Thanks to all the MSNs and SMSes and comments on Jay... He is feeling quite better now. At least he is not as lembek (colloquialism for weak) as he was for the past two days. Thanks for all your prayers!

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