Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ho-Hum NYE

This has been a very, very, VERY tiring New Year's Eve.

My poor baby is down with high fever... AGAIN. But this time, it is coupled with slight vomiting AND a bad throat inflammation. He woke up crying every hour last night as he could not breathe properly/was feeling hot due to the fever/overall feeling plain irritable/was sleepy but yet didn't have a good sleep. When I tried to put a wet towel over his forehead, hoping to relieve his pain, he screamed and cried all the more.

Like I said... tiring tiring tiring.

Oh, and the most exciting part. The doctor said the fever should break in a few days' time. Wow. A. Few. Days'. Time. I am counting down! Haha!

Pardon the grumbling. I love the baby. I do. It really does pain me to see him lose his voice and not sleep well. And I don't always grumble. I just need, like... three consecutive hours of sleep. Okay okay... I will also make do with two! Haha!

So God, please hear my prayer... Please give your beloved (he's mine too!) good, good rest today. Amen.

Oh, and it is Nic's birthday this Saturday. I have not even thought of where to go with him. Nor gotten him his present.


Julie said...

Aw...I hope the little one is feeling much better soon, and may you both be blissfully sleeping through the ringing in of the new year!

Xia said...

Is Jayv feeling better now? Awww, so poor thing to be down with everything all at once...

This Sun's my hubby's birthday.. I haven't got his present yet too. :P

San said...

San-Julie & Xia: Haha! Thanks! Jay's feeling a little better. All the meds are starting to work after all...

wenwinner said...

Dear San,
do take care too! I believe that Jayvon is getting better already by now! =)
Any preference in restuarants u prefer?

Beverly said...

Visiting from SITS. I hope your little one is on the mend today.

You will get to sleep soon. Hang in there!

San said...

San-Wen: Restaurant? I also dunno! Haha! Honestly havent really thot of it... :P Some where baby-friendly! Heh heh!

San-Beverly: Thanks! His throat's still bad but at least he can sleep a little now.