Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeding my Baby Part 2

If you are following Edmund on Twitter, you would probably have read his tweet yesterday on how he “saw me, but not at my house”…

And while a lot of my colleagues were tweeting back to ask him how such an other-worldly occurence could happen, and he didn’t really give a full answer… Let me confess. I *ahem* snuck out of the house. And bumped into Jiahui and him at the Cold’s Storage at Katong Mall, after their post-Valentine’s Day buffet dinner at the Hanabi Japanese Restaurant.

BUT in my defence… I had no choice. Honestly. My hands were tied. (See? This is my blog, so you can’t really interject your objections here!) *ahem!* Like I was saying, I was bored. I had no choice. There was absolutely nothing to do in the fridge for Jayvon. I totally had to sneak go out to top up groceries for him. And I chose the ulu-est (colloquailism for the remotest of all remote areas!) places to do this quick 30-minute trip. Can you imagine? 30 minutes only, and I can STILL bump in some people we knew was all we took to spend $100 at Cold’s Storage.

I was never a big fan of reading the labels of the food I consume, but with Jayvon I am a bit obsessed. I am in a “organic” phase for him, where I will stock up on various organic biscuits, pasta, and even rolled oats. Read about my previous major shopping trip here.

After buying Annabel Karmel’s Feeding Your Baby & Toddler book, I was so inspired to cook more yummy things for him! So I bought the following items:

  • Edam cheese (a kind of mild cheese, to make cheese sauce!)
  • Cheddar cheese (for his pasta! He loves pasta!)
  • Organic macaronis
  • Heinz cheese sticks for toddlers
  • Kiri cream cheese (as a bread spread. I toasted a slice of bread for him this afternoon, spread a layer of cream cheese over to feed him – and he loved it!)
  • Pura Milk (There was only the 2litre bottle. Sigh. So I had to get that)
  • Minced beef and tomatoes (to make spag bolognese sauce)

Of course, there were a few other items (like Orange Juice for Mummy and Diet Coke for Daddy) that made up the $100, but the bulk was spent on Jayvon.

I prepared the cheese sauce this morning, made four portions and froze them all. Will be preparing Creamy Broccoli and Chicken for him tomorrow! The sauce smells divine, so I think the dish will be yummy too!

ak book 2

This is the book – look at the appetising photos inside! So nice!

Apart from introducing him to more food, I also started him on cow’s milk this week. Thus, the reason for buying Pura milk. I must say, I didn’t really give much thought to the brand of cow’s milk, till I went to scour the forums to see what other mothers had to say. Here were some of their comments on some of the cow’s milk (suitable for toddlers above 1 year old) that can be bought off the shelf:

HL Milk: Some comments said it tasted “fake” and like milk powder

Farmhouse Brand: Some forumers pointed out that while the front of this packaging says the milk is “Australian,” yet if you flip to the back of the pack, it says the milk is packed in Malaysia. So I guess that means… the cows were from Australia but reared in Malaysia?!?

Pura and Organic Valley came quite highly recommended, so I decided to try it out. I gave it to Jayvon chilled (i.e. from the fridge without warming it up) cos he generally associates “cold drinks” with “nice drinks”. No thanks to Aunty Teresa. But for his maiden try at cow’s milk, I think he took to it pretty well. Now… to finish up that 2litres! Haha!


Klessis said...

Haha.. the mystery is solved!! =D

Now with a little more time on hand, you can experiment with more recipes.. I'm sure Jayvon will enjoy himself! =)

ED said...

Big Brother is watching YOU!!!