Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Baby & “His” BB


One of Jayvon’s favourite “toys” is playing with my Blackberry or with Nic’s Nokia N95. He is fascinated with our phones!

He will intently stare at the keyboard of my BB and put the phone to his ear and cock his head whenever I say “Helloooo?” Haha! Simply adorable!

Oh, and with Nic’s N95 – he also fiddles with the phone, and a couple of times, he manages to push the right buttons to play the music files.

Now that he has 8 shiny white teeth peeking out, he no longer gnaws on my BB, treating it as a very expensive teether. Unfortunately, they still hold the evidence of his past torture…


Thankfully I took Jiahui’s advice and went to Gmask my phone, so the small holes are on the plastic wrap! Time to re-Gmask it! :)


Stephanie E said...

Where do I get the plastic wrap?????

San said...

Hi Stephanie! It is this sticker-like plastic wrap that protects phones from scratches. I used the transparent wraps (cos it was my 1st time) but there are funky looking colourful ones too! I am not sure if you can find it where you live, but here's the webbie: