Monday, February 02, 2009

My Randomness…

I was waiting for my bus to take me home after work today.

My trusty iris-mobile tells me the next Bus Number 36 will reach in 20 minutes. Which is probably the amount of time I need to hop into a cab and reach home. Ah well, Jayvon's at home with my mom, and I don't really have a good excuse to take a cab!

Melvin sent me (via Facebook) his list of 25 random things about himself. I am bad at lists... But good at random rambling! So let's see if I can finish this off now (with my reliable BB in hand)…

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love fruits! All kinds and every kind.

2. My pet fruits? Pomelos and seedless grapes.

3. I hate roller-coasters. Cos I’d hate to pee in my pants or puke on my shirt.

4. I can’t live without the paragraph marks in my Microsoft Word documents!

5. I have learnt the guitar for the past 8-over years. Sporadically, of course.

6. I can’t play the guitar for nuts still.

7. I really enjoyed being pregnant! (The child-raising part is a different story… but child-bearing? I like!)

8. I love the smell of freshly baked bread.

9. I love to travel … But I hate to unpack.

10. I am oddly-proud of my kitchen cabinets cos they are white on the outside and purple within! My design!


11. And I do not cook. Except for the two or three times I made pasta and chicken soup.

12. Drinking bubble tea makes me happy!

13. I miss the 24-hour roti prata stall near my Tampines home!

14. I used to stay up overnight to play bridge! Of course, this was pre-Jayvon days. Haha!

15. I love to shop online. Love it a bit too much.

16. I contribute to the US economy (see #15).

17. But I am a patriot at heart too. I haven’t given up actually trying on clothes and buying them in Singapore.

18. I play online games to de-stress! I used to play Maplestory, but have given that up for a while. Now, I go to viwawa and bigfishgames for my regular gaming-fix!

19. I want my long hair back. Now.

20. I am seriously contemplating getting hair extensions.

21. I am a Twilight fan! The book series, not so much the movie…

22. I love watching Taiwanese game shows!

23. I haven’t worn a watch for about a year already… Though I should!

24. I hate to run but I love to swim.

25. I have a BAD sense of balance. I can trip whilst walking. On a flat ground.

Ta-da! My randomness. As you can see, I kind of cheated and finished up at home. I was half-way through when my bus reached, but there wasn’t a single seat on the bus! As you can see from my point #25, I can’t risk my life just to type on my BB and try to maintain my balance on the bus! Haha!


Jerb said...

Even though we are colleagues and sitting so near to each other for 5 years, but I realized there are still some things I didnt know about u... eg point #25... HAHA!

Sheryl02 said...

Guess what? I share your point #25! I used to see the "die ta' annually because I sprained my ankle while walking on flat ground. Something my mum could never comprehend.