Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wanderlust Part 1

Last week in the office, Grace was excitedly telling about how airfares have dropped, and an air-ticket to Taiwan was now only less than S$400! This really “stirred” up my desire to want to TRAVEL!!!

And Taiwan was such a fun place for me. I’ve been there about three or four times already, mostly with church friends, but I’ve enjoyed it so much!

It is such an interesting place! I loved walking and discovering their night markets, and basking in the sights and sounds of Taiwan!

Here are some of my photos from my past trips!

This was a hilarious shot (I thought!) Walking by myself down one of the streets, I saw someone fixing this sign. It says “Xin Ju Dan” – or literally New Huge Egg! Haha! It actually refers to a convention centre that they have, and it is curiously egg-shaped. Though I knew this, nevertheless the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that arrow sign was, “So what did they do with the old egg?”


On one particular trip, I travelled from Kaohsiung to Taipei (from the south to the north of Taiwan) in a matter of days. My travelling partner and I took various modes of transport to experience. We tried the bullet train & luxury coaches (like the photo above).  The bus only had 10-over huge couches, and each couch was a massage chair, and the in-bus entertainment? Watching the local TV shows on the small TV screen!

One of the MANY night markets I went too! Check out the crowd! :)

Xi Men Ding in Taipei! Awesome place to shop!!!

Time of this photo: 5AM (!!) Cynthia & I were about to leave for the airport but we just couldn’t resist taking a cab for a VERY early morning breakfast at our favourite “liang mian” stall! It looks simple but it tastes heavenly!

Writing this entry has brought back many fond memories!


Cairo Typ0 said...

You look remarkably awake and functioning for 5am. Wow! You will never see photos of me at that hour becuase i probably would have killed the photographer and put teh camera somewhere indelicate. I'm not a morning person. LOL

Femina said...

Dropping by from SITS. That bus looks pretty awesome. I wonder if I could get one like that to take me to work... :)

Jerb said...

Wow, i love the food and shopping in taiwan too!