Monday, March 16, 2009

Department Feast

We met up for lunch, and what a sumptuous lunch it was! We had so many options, some more appealing than others, but in the end we decided to try out the Buffet Lunch at Seafood International. At just S$22.80 per person for a weekday lunch, it seemed too good to pass up!

A picture (or in this case, many pictures) paint a thousand words!

Mini abalone (1 for each person)

Crab meat fried rice (Jayvon loved this!)

Crispy roasted chicken (Very nice! Also another of Jay’s favourite)

Sharkfin (not the best I’ve tasted, but at the price we were paying, can’t really expect the best! Haha!)

Thai Seafood salad (I only had a mouthful, but it does look pretty, eh?)

Fried Mussel with Sambal Sauce (didn’t manage to take any – Wendy seemed to love it though! Hee!)

Prawns! Evan’s absolute favourite!

What was the occasion? To celebrate our dear Jer Blinn’s birthday! We’re a week early – but we decided Mondays are usually the best time to have a leisurely meal together!

Quality of food: thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Value for money: thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Restaurant details:

Seafood International
902 East Coast Parkway
Block A, #01-01
Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874


Grace Tan said...

Your pictures turn out so nice!

San said...

Haha! Nice hoh? :) I also think so. I love my new BB!