Monday, March 16, 2009

Pastor Kong Hee


I first came to City Harvest Church in 1998 (*gulp!* makes me feel old). Fresh out of Junior College, and waiting to enter University. My sister was attending another church then, and she invited me to that church on a Saturday. As my mom was a Roman Catholic, I’ve been to mass before, but never really “connected” nor felt the need to regularly attend every Sunday. That Saturday, as I sat in that other church, I felt a little disconnected and “weird”… I looked around at how the church members were worshipping and ministered by God, and I totally felt alienated!

Probably, God was “prepping” me for CHC! Haha! The very next day, I answered a friend’s invite, and went for CHC service. Can you imagine? A totally unspiritual person like me, going for church TWICE in a weekend? Totally weird! Haha! And all I remember of that first service on 15 March 1998 was that: #1 it was a bilingual service. Pastor Kong was preaching and Ting was interpreting in Chinese (a language I was never very good nor keen in) and #2 for the life of me, I cannot remember that message! But I felt the tug of God and answered the altar call that same day. And it’s been a wonderful journey since! :)

I adore CHC and I totally love Pastor Kong. He is such a cool and relevant pastor. He is forward-thinking, a man of great vision, and most importantly, who leads us by example in loving God wholeheartedly and loving the people around him as well! As my pastor, I love and respect him, and as my boss – my respect for him g-r-o-w-s even more as I am more acutely aware of his busy schedule and many commitments. How ever does he do it?!? It is mind-boggling!

To know about my Pastor, check out his weekly blogs – very enlightening!

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