Saturday, March 07, 2009

Domain Names

I find it hard to make up my mind. And I am so not creative.

And when you mix laziness with uncreativity, basically you end up with a web URL like Why did I EVER do such a thing? I honestly have amnesia over this area. I just remember wanting to have “” but this was obviously taken, and I did not have any inspiration for any better names.

I guess I simply did not understand the repercussions. I remember once, a friend asked me my blog URL. Sigh. I was kind of embarrassed at it! “Err… it is a bit complicated.” “Huh? What do you mean?” “It’s sandra.blogspot,com………… except you insert dashes. After. Each. Letter.”

And I know my colleague feels exactly the same way I do! And we were both searching for nice domain names! I mean, I love my blog. And the thought of starting a NEW blog and importing everything over and all was just too much work for lazy ol’ me. And besides, domain names are quite cheap! My cost US$7 for a year (after a discount code that Juslin helped me source out from the Web!)

I thought of domain names like… (this was my #1 choice… until I realised the .com was already taken up and I was left with, which is twice the price) (I was reallly thinking about this! It is… just so me. Cos see, I can’t really blog a short one. But at 4 syllables, it’s just tooooo long, I feel!) (courtesy of Juslin!! I quite liked it! Kinda makes you think of eh?)

And though I “started” on this domain search earlier, Juslin snapped up in record time! So fast!

I’m looking forward to launching a new blog look, with a new header (though I probably must seek a better person to help me with that…. Joanna, you free? Hahaha!).

Oh, and if you are looking for your own domain, I recommend It is easy to use, simple to register and if you google for “ discount coupons,” you can enjoy another US$1.50 off the domain name!

And to all of you who have your own domain name, however did you choose the name?! Tell me, tell me! :)

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