Monday, March 23, 2009

God Is In The Details

What is this?


Oooo! A “Faith Cookie”!


Let’s see what’s inside!


How very apt!

God is in the details. 

We received a bag of these “Faith Cookies,” and a few of us cracked open some up, and to our surprise, the Bible verse within is so apt to our situation.

A colleague who was quite saddened over a particular incident at work received this from her cookie:


Another colleague (Who Shall Remain Unnamed) was also moaning the entire day about being sleepy received this verse:

Proverbs 20:13 “Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare.”

All of us really laughed ourselves silly when this particular verse was unveiled!

All in all, it showed us that God is a personal God, and that He sees the entire situation. Our lives are in His hands!


a Tonggu Momma said...

This is MUCH better than the one I received twenty years ago! Hee hee.

And I am still very much a 老外 -- my Mandarin teachers are VERY kind to me, but I know how bad I am. My conversation is limited to how old I am, who is my family and what colors, fruits and animals I like. Oh, and I can find the bathroom. Sigh. Two years and that's it. But I'm learning. And trying. And laughing in the process.

So glad to have met you through the UBP!

Grace Tan said...

Hahahaaa.. I know that colleague who was sleepy! God is so good la!

Debbie said...

I've never even heard of these. I love the fact that they were so appropriate to the person that got them.

Noah's Mommy said...

how very cool is that...amazing how it works out that way....Stopping by with some SITS love

shunee said...

Oh wow that is so cool. I didn't know there were cookie like that. Where did you get them?

Tiffany said...

That is so neat. When my husband and I were dating we liked to eat at Chinese restaurants. One of our first dates he got a fortune that said "You will marry your present lover and be happy" I saved that fortune and gave it to him on our wedding day.

Tiffany said...

I wanted to add that we've been married now for 21 years! And we are happy.