Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Portable Hard Drive


My very new portable hard drive! And ain’t it a pretty one? I love the gorgeous fabric casing. At 320GB and costing only $128, I think it is a good deal! :) After all, most of the portable hard drives out there are obviously designed by men.

Okay… Maybe that wasn’t a fair comment.

Most of the tech gadgets out there are obviously designed by men.


Having zero or sub-zero aesthetic appeal will not get you much buyers. If you have gorgeous laptops like these…

HP Vivienne Tam

There’ll be more female techies! Haha!

Even when I was wanting to buy a laptop bag, I was hard-pressed to find something nice amongst the “standard” (a.k.a. ugly and bulky) ones that is saturating the market. Even those so-called “ladies’ laptops bags” are blah!

In the end, I bought a laptop bag designed for Mac laptops. Black canvas on the outside, lime green fur on the inside! :)

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