Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jay at the Singapore Zoo

We did it! We went to the Singapore Zoo this afternoon. One of our concerns was the scorching afternoon sun these few days, so I purposefully went over to get some sunblock for Baby and me, in anticipation of the hot day at the Zoo! Amazingly, when we reached at about 2.20 p.m., the weather was divine. The sky was overcast, and at times, a few fat drops of rain would fall, but due to the heavy foliage in the zoo, we were more or less sheltered. What a blast we had!


One of the first exhibits we went to was to see the pygmy hippo. And just before that, we saw this … ugly scary slow-moving right out of a Stephen King movie fish. At least I think it is a fish. And Jay was enthralled by this ugly creature! The scary funny thing? That thing fish was stationary in the water. Absolutely stationary. I didn’t even see a fin move. Till Jayvon walked away. And. The. Fish. Followed. Him. Shudder….

On to nicer animals… We practically walked through the entire zoo. I kid you not. I reckon we got our money’s worth, cos we took in about 70-80% of the exhibits!

Here’s some pictures!


Nic & I took turns to carry Jayvon around. Not because he can’t walk. But whenever we set him down, he’d always give me a mini-heart attack by reaching down to the floor and grabbing some damp leaves. And giving them to Nic. And taking more leaves… So for my heart’s sake, we just took turns with him. And it was great having a fellow burden-carrier. I mean, baby-carrier. Coughcoughcough…

jay and daddy

Remember in my previous post, I was looking forward to the Rainforest Kidzworld!


As we entered, this site greeted us.


Daddy: ”Wah…”

Mommy: “You’re going in.”

Daddy: “You didn’t tell me it would be like this!”

Mommy: “I told you to bring extra clothes…”

Daddy: “Did you bring a towel?”

Mommy: “Of course!”

Daddy: “I meant for me?”

Mommy: “……… coughcoughcough………”



He enjoyed it… Until…


The giant elephant tank that would periodically fill up and splash like a ton of water did so. And the force of the splash (though Jay wasn’t that near it anyhow) “blew” him a couple of steps and covered him with cold drops of water. That was when he started bawling.

Ah well… Back to the animal exhibits then! To think I was still considering settling down at Ben & Jerry’s for an ice-cream cone! Hahaha!

2 1/2 hours later, arms aching and feet throbbing, we finally hailed a cab back home. Phew! What a tiring day!

Oh and our new domestic help’s here! *fingers crossed*


Klessis said...

The zoo is ALWAYS a hit with our kids!!!! =D Even I don't remember being that excited over zoos when I was little!

San said...

Haha! Yes! It's really a very exciting and alluring place for them :) Me? I dont fancy that smell... :P

Debbie said...

What terrific photos. Aren't zoos just the best places in the world to take a child?