Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jayvon And His Engine

What an eventful Good Friday!

I took Jayvon to the SME Fiesta Trade Fair before the 5.30 p.m. Easter service, and we had such great fun there!

For Mommy, it meant a few good buys! Haha! I went to Cindy’s CreativeMoodz booth, and took advantage of an Instant Eye Lash Fix – finally learning how to put on falsies! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do it, but never figured how to do it well! Took back a small stash of make up goodies as well. I’m going back to the Trade Fair later today, to support Yvonne’s Miss VonJo booth as well. A little birdie told me a big stash of her new clothes are coming in today! :)

For Jayvon? He had a fantabulous time too!

His little heart was captured by a train ride! I was a bit hesitant to let him take the ride at first. “What if he falls? What if he wants to stand? What if…..” You know, the usual scaredy-mommy thoughts. But I finally relented cos he was tugging away at my arm. He had a blast!!! So much fun that when Debbie saw him, she too wanted to ride (she was reluctant at first)! Jay was sooooooooooooo “high” on being the train conductor!

Jayvon And The Engine from Sandra Tan on Vimeo.

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