Friday, April 03, 2009

Living Through His Eyes

Having a kid really makes me see things in a new perspective each time. Jay is an adorable boy, super inquisitive and super cheeky! Of course, he needs to “warm up" when in strange company, but once he does, smiles and giggles soon abound. He is open and affectionate and I thank God continually for such a wonderful boy! Seeing the wonder of the world through his eyes, in small things like chirping birds and stray strings on the floor and even his own feet, is refreshing and makes ME see them in a different light too!

I bought Jayvon out for a walk after work on Wednesday evening. And it was just the two of us, so I decided to bring him over to Parkway Shopping Centre.

First stop, the toy section, of course! And he zeroed in on some toys that caught his eye.



First off, it was the keyboard! He stood there for about 10 minutes, and check out his fingering! Haha! He looked so pro! Unfortunately, we were alone and there was no way I could lug the big box this piano came in AND carry Jayvon at the same time. Thankfully, he found fun in the smaller version too!


This was an easier toy, and a quarter of the price – so yeah! I got this toy for him!

After the toy section, I decided to bring him to one of my favourite childhood hangouts – Sam’s Pet & Aquarium, located at Marine Parade Central! It was Jay’s first time in a pet store, and he actually wrinkled his nose at the funky smell at first.

Then he saw the rabbits.


And he was absolutely captivated by them.


Absolutely captivated.


He could hardly bear to take his eyes off them! And when one rabbit came up near the glass and started wriggling its nose at Jay, guess what? Jay started wrinkling up his nose at the rabbit in return! I was so amused!!!

This was my two quality hours spent with Jay, and it was so fun! It is amazing how a toy piano and some rabbits made Jay’s day so exciting and joy-filled!Daddy was stuck in his Easter rehearsal (and will be till next Sunday!), and was suitably jealous of our little adventure – wait till Easter’s over, and I am sure Daddy will have his turn with Jay too!


Jerb said...

Jayvon is sooo cute! Maybe you should buy the rabbit for him too! HAHAHA!

Klessis said...

He's really getting cuter by the day!!!! =D

Grace Tan said...

Yahh..think he would love to have a rabbit! :P

San said...

Hahaha! Rabbit? Errr...

龙哥 said...

lol! brought Jayvon to the pet dog shop yet? who knows? He might even have more fun with the dogs!

Debbie said...

What an angel. That curiosity is great.