Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tyrant Prince Of Ice Cream Land


Yes, I am he.

Deny me not my ice cream. When I want it. How I want it.

Just because Mommy felt a teensy bit bad for being so busy with work the past few days that she took me to Swensen’s for a nice treat, it does not negate my tyrannical princeship in ice cream land. I am Prince in ice cream land.


Rule #1 in ice cream land: Do not try to take photos of Prince and Ice Cream together. Just. Feed. Me. NOW!



What are you doing, Mommy? Stop it! Feed me now!

Rule #2 in ice cream land: You shall be prompt in feeding the prince. Let not your hand be weary. Move it, move it!



(He’s upset cos I lingered and dangled the ice cream in a bid to get him to smile. Ugly photos, yeah? I really wanted a nice smiley one, but I guess the Prince wasn’t in a posing mood.)

Rule #3 in ice cream land: Because I am Prince, I can shout at you to be quick on your feet, and feed me now I say!

(See the video! He is really “barking” at me when he feels I am too slow!)

Jay at Swensen's from Sandra Tan on Vimeo.

It was a stressful week for me at work, and I felt Jay was shortchanged in terms of time spent with me. And the time he had with me was with a grumpy, short-fused Mommy. When I found myself so frustrated I actually asked my 14 month-old, “What do you want? Just tell me!!!!!!” I kinda knew I (and baby) need a good break! Hahaha!

So I wanted to spend some quality time, make him happy! Haha!

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