Monday, May 04, 2009

Dinner At East Coast

One of the luxuries of living in Marine Parade is undoubtedly having the beach a mere five minutes away!


Growing up in this part of the island, we even had a SONG for Marine Parade, something that made me strangely smug about living here! Hahaha! (I mean, do Bedok-ers or West Coast-ers have their own song?)

A song about Marine Parade? Maybe you think I am merely joking. I can still recall the melody! Haha! Here’re the lyrics:

Marine Parade is the place to be
With sandy beaches and the swaying trees
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than Marine Parade with my family

We live in peace and harmony
One big happy family
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than Marine Parade with my family

Well, I said we had a song. I never said it was particularly fantastic!

Anyway, back to my blog entry at hand! The three of us took a nice long stroll to the East Coast, to stroll along the beach. We walked towards the MacDonald’s at East Coast, and Jayvon was fascinated by the many joggers/walkers/strollers/dogs/fellow babes et al!


My prince was happily relaxing in his stroller, snacking on biscuits and grapes as we went along.

We then settled at the C.Nai Hong Kong Cafe, and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner! No photos of the food, as we were busy feeding the prince!


Here’s a picture of my handsome prince! Doesn’t he look all grown up already?


Debbie said...

He is such an angel! And how fun to live so close to the beach.

San said...

San-Debbie: Yes it is fun! :) Haha... Funny thing is how we tend to take things for granted. I seldom go to the beach!