Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Letter

Dear Diners-Sitting-In-The-Booth-Behind-Us:

I do sincerely apologize if my prince’s monosyllabic cries-shouts-exclamations for food affected your two little cherubic princes so.

Please understand, he is just 15 months old, and while I would love for him to grow a fabulous vocabulary and tell me EXACTLY what he wants. Unfortunately, now it is contained to:

“Pa!”… Meaning Daddy

“Paaa….” with some vigorous hand-pointing, meaning he wants us to move in some direction or do some thing.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! PAAAA!!!”… Meaning we are too slow for his liking.

Like I said, limited vocabulary.

I may be overly sensitive and protective. Call me Mother Tiger. But I don’t like other people making fun of my prince.

And by what do I mean “making fun”? By older boys mimicking his plaintive cries INCESSANTLY. Every time Jay made a sound, your little boys copied. And. You. Laughed. Was I embarrassed? By Jay? Are you kidding me? Of course not! He can ONLY say those few sounds. But your kids? ……growl…… So please forgive the few stares I shot at those two boys of yours, as they cowered under the cover of the booth seat.

Of course, after a good 10 minutes of mimicking, thankfully they grew weary of bullying a small baby. And then moved on to playing trains. I won’t say I am an expert in child-raising. But when your kids start saying things like “when the train moves here, the bridge falls and the people die!” and things to that effect, surely bells must start to sound off in your heads somewhere!

Yours sincerely,


Denise and Debbie said...

Have I ever told you that you are a great writer? I enjoy reading your blog!

Stepford_Lives said...

All the way mummy!!!!