Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our 1st Family Holiday!


Oh I am so happy that we’ve finally managed to get ‘off the ground’ on our family holiday plans!

We’ve mulled and talked and thought and mulled some more about where and when we should take our first overseas trip as a family. As Nic is enrolled in Bible School, it was a bit hard to get away. But he’s going to graduate in mid-August *yay!* and so we’re planning a short getaway the week after his graduation *double yay*!

So in less than 2 months’ time, we will be carting off to a short trip to Genting Highland/Kuala Lumpur with baby and maid in tow. Got to make it a short trip to a nearby place for the moment, and will plan for a longer trip to somewhere further soon (fingers & toes crossed…)

After hearing and seeing so many of my colleagues flying off for a quick overseas getaway for the past many months, I am SO glad it is going to be my turn soon! Can’t wait to send that “I am overseas and CAN’T reply your emails” email! Hahaha!

Okay… back to reality. Got to work-work-work now. After all, FOP’s coming up!


Klessis said...

Oh envious!!!!

No matter go where, as long as can get out of the country for a holiday somewhere!!!

龙哥 said...

San! I should be going overseas with my team mates for a while after SOT too! LOL just so you know.. hee!

San said...

San-Kless: Haha! Yeah man!

San-JD: ..... when??? I 'book' first le. Hahaha!