Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chow Time In Kuala Lumpur

We spent Sunday and Monday in Kuala Lumpur, and we ATE so much good food! This deserves a post ALL by itself!

First off, by Pastor Yong’s recommendation, we went to KLCC’s Madam Kwan’s to try out the nasi lemak.

Instead of the usual fried chicken-style of nasi lemak we’re used to in Singapore, Madam Kwan’s serves it curry chicken style! The chicken was nicely done, very tender, and the curry wasn’t really spicy. The sides included sambal ikan bilis (real good!) and half a hard-boiled egg. At RM !4.50, it was a pretty okay bargain.

We also ordered some chicken wings for Jayvon. So-so. Not too bad, but not very fantastic, considering these 5 wings came at a price of RM 15! Steep by Malaysian standards!

Sambal petai – or in Chinese 臭豆, or literally ‘smelly beans’! Not the most pleasant of names, but this was nicely cooked! The beans were well-cooked, and there wasn’t any weird smell or overly-strong taste (quite rare with these beans!). This dish was cooked with several large prawns as well. To Nic, this dish was the highlight of the entire meal!


Check out Nic & Umah’s very contented faces at this great meal!

This is my favourite part of the meal – dessert! It is fried banana fritters with rich vanilla ice-cream, doused with maple syrup! YUM!!!

And the ambience of Madam Kwan’s was very nice as well. We were seated at the ‘al fresco’ portion of the restaurant – though it was still in the overall air-conditioning of the shopping centre! Haha! Here’s our view…

On the outside looking in…

So if you’re in the vicinity of KLCC, pop by Madam Kwan’s on the 4th floor! It isn’t cheap fare, but it is worth the overall dining experience!

Another favourite restaurant I love in Malaysia is the chain of Secret Recipe outlets! I love the cakes (especially the Chocolate Banana), and the fact that cakes are priced almost exactly the same in Sing dollar as they are in Malaysian Ringgit, which effectively means the cakes are more than 50% cheaper!


We tried the butterscotch pecan cake – so divine! – as well as a cup of caramel macchiato!

And you would think we had a feast in Malaysia already ya?

Almost… just almost.

We stayed at the Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa, which was just 5-minutes away from KLCC. And Nic spotted a flyer pasted in the lift, advertising the special Ramadhan dinner buffet. He had always heard of how Singaporeans would travel to Johore during the Ramadhan month JUST to try out these dinner buffets, so it was hard to convince him NOT to go for this supper. Jayvon was dog-tired from the hour-long car journey, and we decided to spend some quality time and so Umah stayed back to watch Jay in the hotel room (and we got her packed wanton noodles from the KLCC food court).

And so we went to the buffet dinner.

It cost a staggering RM88 per pax. And after the taxes were included, it came up to RM100 per person. Or about S$45. Not cheap.

But SO worth it. It is one of the most ‘quality’ buffets I’d ever sampled!


The restaurant wasn’t well-lit, which explains the pasty-looking pictures (and taken with my blackberry to boot!). But the sheer array of food available was mind-boggling!

There was the usual appetisers, including raw oysters, mussels, salad bar, malay kuih-kuih. And the mains like chicken rice, roti john, nasi briyani (we steered clear of these though!). Also on the menu, freshly grilled sambal fish and squid and prawns and crabs! Oh, and durians for dessert. All in all, it was good!

But… the one thing that made the buffet worth it?

The lamb.

Not just any lamb. I’m not talking about kebab. There was literally a lamb CARCASS hanging on a spit.

I kid you not.


IMG00493-20090823-2112 IMG00484-20090823-2108
The chef working on the lamb…

I know it looks pretty gruesome. But gosh was it GOOD. I am not a ‘lamb’ person, but it was lip-smackingly divine.


Being a Singaporean… just the food itself deserves a blog post! Hahaha!

Will conclude my trip in another blog post soon!


Klessis said...

wa wa wa... the buffet is sure not cheap, by malaysia standards! But looks so super yummy!

San said...

San-Kless: Yeah. I was initially a bit reluctant, but it really was quite an awesome buffet! Haha!

WhiteSockGirl said...

Ooohhh,... your posts are loooonnnngggggg.

Finally done,..

I will take the butterscotch pecan cake and a cup of caramel macchiato. That looks so awesome.

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