Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Family Trip to Malaysia

Well, I promised a ‘finale’ post to my family trip to Malaysia…

Due to budget constraints, we could hardly afford to go anywhere further, so Malaysia was the next best option!

It was basically a pretty ‘free-and-easy’ trip. We went to Genting Highlands which was great for Jayvon & Nic, both of whom LOVE the colder weather!

We stayed at the Hotel Resort, and the rooms were nice and big. And Jayvon was engrossed with the lights, sounds and deco of the shopping centre? Have you been to Genting recently? Here’s some shots to help jog your memory!



Probably Jay is a bit too young, so whenever we asked him to go for any of the rides (nothing wild, just the monorails or the trains…), he’d reply by just shaking his head. So, yeah, we probably saved quite a fair bit! Hahaha!

The one place we stayed a while more was the arcade!

And guess what? We gave Jayvon a new ‘companion’!

Meet Stripey!


But … there is still a special place in Jay’s heart for his BearBear.


Kuala Lumpur was where we took much more photos! From our hotel room, we could also see the Petronas Towers! (at least one of them…). Here’s the view from our hotel room.


And KLCC is huge. Loads of shops and loads of restaurants! We hardly “touched” 10% of the entire centre!


All in all, it was a fun trip. Our arm muscles are WELL-worked out as well! Carrying a 12kg boy around is not an easy task! And remember that very nice baby harness I got him? He refused to wear it over in Malaysia!

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Serene (Singapore) said...

Looks so fun! We will be going Genting with my in-laws in 2 weeks' time too! Yippeeee ... :)