Monday, August 03, 2009

Festival of Praise 2009

It is finally over!

I had a busy week, running around to tie down the loose ends of this 3-day event, but boy-o-boy am I glad to say that it is finally over!

Many memorable moments, some good and some bad.

But I enjoyed the first night of the Festival of Praise! The main reason? This stop-motion video done up by the youths of Heart of God Church. Tremendous for a few reasons: (1) It is a stop-motion video. So all that you see is actually a series of photographs pieced together to make a video. (2) The entire cost of this video - S$53! And most of that went to the cost of buying post-its for the opening item. (3) To make sure the lighting and angle of all the photographs remain consistent, a team of three youths were ‘stuck’ atop a scissor-lift for 14 hours and food and drinks were brought up to them via a pulley! That’s right – no toilet break for 14 hours!

It is a tremendous video! I absolutely love the creativity of youths!

Check the video out!


Jerb said...

Yes, the youth who did this are really creative!

Ali said...

Wow! Very impressive!