Thursday, September 17, 2009

Web-chatting with Sun Ho

I am so excited for this Friday!

The reason?

Sun Ho will be having a live video chat on Facebook on Friday, 18 September, 11 p.m. (GMT+8)! She’s been in the US for so long, and I am looking forward to ‘seeing’ and ‘talking’ and ‘hearing’ her! She’s been based in the US, preparing and preparing and preparing for her upcoming album, so I know that the album will be phenomenal! Her latest US single, Fancy Free, was released on iTunes on Monday, and I finally managed to get to hear it and it is fabulous!

If you want in on this chat, visit Sun’s Facebook Page!

You can also follow her on Twitter, and tweet questions that you would like her to reply during this live chat.

I am so proud of her! :) Go spread the word, and see you on Facebook tomorrow!

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