Sunday, September 13, 2009


San: “I need to think…”

Nic: “Nah, you don’t think. You feel.”

San: “….. well, it means I am pliable! Hahaha…”

Decisiveness has always been such an easy thing for me. Just last night, after church service, we were deciding on what to have to dinner.

San: “Where do you want to go for dinner? Let’s grab a quick dinner. I’ve got to do something later.”

Nic: “Aston’s?”

San: “Ya know, Bijia was telling me about this great Indian restaurant just beside Aston’s! Great briyani, not too expensive.”

Nic: “Ok.”

San: “Hmm… but that restaurant will be crowded… Nah. How about food court?”

Nic: “Ok can too.”

San: “I want something soupy. Hmm… Fish soup? Fishball noodles? Hmmm…”

Nic: “Ok.”

Well, you get the idea. Poor Nic, ya?

In the end, I had chicken rice. Ha! Ha!

The point? Well, I heard something, and brought to remembrance a short conversation I had with a good friends waaaaaay back (in other words, pre-Jayvonian days).

You know how people always tend to say, “if only…” but yet when it actualizes, their actions and reactions are vastly different from how they said that they react.

So though I thought I had decided…

Maybe I need to think a bit more.

And feel which is the best way.

[Enigmatic entry, I know. Those who have ears, let them hear! Hahaha! I apologize for sounding so vague to the rest of my blog readers. But well, I need to think and pray a bit more before making any announcement! Haha!]

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Anonymous said...

I think my husband is more opinionated than I am!