Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Pulau Ubin Adventure!

Well, the one good thing about Changi Village Hotel is its proximity to the Changi Ferry Terminal! Haha! It is less that five minutes’ walk away, and from there, you can easily take a bumboat which costs S$2.50 a person to bring you to one of the few places in Singapore where modern amenities have not really caught up yet! It is a small little rustic island, where Singaporeans love to go for mountain biking or hiking.
It’s Jay’s first bumboat ride!
He was pouting for the first few minutes, cos of the loud engine noises… but he soon overcome that, and become enthralled by the waves of water that was generated by the boat.
It was one hot and sticky 15-minute ride… and then we reached our destination.
This is probably my… third… time on the island. I am not an outdoor person. I can’t ride a bike. I hate to perspire. I generally prefer shopping to anything else. This explains this:
Yes. Three different sunblocks. Okay… So two are really for Mommy, but see? They make different sunblocks for face AND body, see?
*ahem* So anyways, after being properly protected (must keep my fair prince fair…), we walked off on the Sensory Trail, and having loads of fun in the process.
Daddy and Jayvon at the start of their hike…
Pandan leaves – and they even have the signs in braille.
See the spider? The web was awesomely spread out, but too bad my Canon Ixus wasn’t able to catch the intricacies of the web!

Well, I may have brought sunblock, but at the end, it turned out to be a pretty cloudy day. So I ended up keeping my fair complexion… but with insect bites! *bangs head on wall…*

If (and that’s a big if) I ever come back to Ubin, mental note to self… bring insect repellent!

After the hour-long trek, we made it back to the town area and settled for a yummy seafood lunch!
Seafood fried rice

Onion Omelette

Succulent Butter Prawns

Nic’s fave: Deep Fried Baby Squids

And after a stomach-filling and yummy lunch, we took the bumboat back, and all three of us had a nice long afternoon nap!

Read Jay’s blog for more photos of our Pulau Ubin adventure!


Cairo Typ0 said...

What a neat place to visit! :) My husband saw the pic of the fried baby squid and says he wants some too. LOL

San said...

@Cairo: Hahaha! Glad you like it. Your hubby's one adventurous eater! :D

Anonymous said...

Great read! Maybe you could do a follow up to this topic!?!