Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Staycation at Changi Village

Come again? Changi Village?

It is an ulu (colloquialism to describe a remote area) part of Singapore. Notorious for its night life and “night creatures” (so to speak)… but Nic & I decided to make this quiet little area our family weekend getaway nonetheless! Haha!

We booked Changi Village Hotel’s special Weekend Escapade package, which offers a 1+1 deal – two nights’ for one night’s price of S$199+++, which was pretty cheap!


The hotel recently underwent an uplift, so the decor and furnishings all looked pretty new.


This was our little hideaway for the next three days! As you can see, Bear Bear has made himself pretty comfortable! IMG_4297

And we had to pack a HUGE Samsonite, chockful of Jay’s things… Unbelievable… A weekend getaway and we’re so bogged down with luggage!


The hotel has a gorgeous pool at the roof garden area.


And with comfortable lounge chairs, to boot!

We had so much fun here, relaxing, lounging, resting… more of our adventures in upcoming posts!


Jerb said...

Hey Hey, Ulu is good for a getaway! Anyway, I like that hotel too... Nice place!

Klessis said...

The pool looks really gorgeous! Looks like an amazing place to rejuvenate..

Melissa said...

That place looks so serene! Hope you had a lovely time during your getaway =)

Cairo Typ0 said...

We used to do hotel weekends all the time in Delhi. Enjoy your staycation!! :) :) Looks like a great hotel! :)