Thursday, November 05, 2009

Restaurant Review: Tonkichi at Shaw House

One of my favourite restaurant is Tonkichi, and I especially love their branch at the Shaw House.
I don’t go there often enough, but Nic & I managed to grab dinner there. And boy oh boy, it was as goooood as I remembered!
Random pic of Jay, as we’re walking up the escalators to the restaurant.
Tonkichi is famous for their pork katsu sets. And though the main dishes are mainly deep-fried, you don’t feel so ‘guilty’ after a meal there for one main reason. The mountain of lettuce they give with each dish! And the best part – the greens are free flow, and the salad dressing (according the the waitress) changes every month.
This is Nic’s pork katsu set, and check out the mountain of greens! It stood about 7-8 cm off the plate! And the main dish – the katsu was wonderfully done. It was perfectly deep fried, and the meat still tender and juicy on the inside! YUM!
If greens don’t appeal to you that much, I assure you, you’d love it cos of the salad dressing!
I love their garlic-ky dressing, but this time, the dressing tasted a bit more plum-ish. Wasn’t half-bad, but unlike other times, I didn’t ask for more greens!
As for me, I ordered their fried prawns set. Superb.
The prawns were succulent and yummy!
Even Jay enjoyed the prawns! In fact, he ate 2 of them!
He was too busy chomping down the prawn to even bother looking at the camera!
All in all, this is a lovely place to enjoy a great dinner if you are in town. Do be prepared for long queues, and the prices (for dinner) are upwards of $20. But this is definitely worth the money!


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