Monday, December 28, 2009

Jayvon & His Guitar

We bought a quarter-sized classical guitar for Jayvon for Christmas. It is a very nice guitar, and Nic even tried to use it in his CG thanksgiving – and it sounded good!

Of course, at 23 months, he is still too young to really learn to play, but he has always loved music from young, so we thought it best to encourage this aspect to grow and mature!

He looks so grown up with this guitar!


Last night, we showed him our favourite young guitarist, Sungha Jung. He is a young South Korean (I think he is only 12 or 13 years old), and a guitar whiz.

Check out these great Christmas carols played by him!

He is a genius! Hope you enjoy the videos, and before it is too late…

Merry Christmas!


carol said...

He does look very grown up with that guitar, and very serious about learning to play!

Lauren said...

Wow...he's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks also, for swinging by my blog on Monday for my SITS day. I'm using this day visit all of my visitors (and I suspect it will take the better part of the day to reach everyone!)

Happy New Year!

Apryl said...

My son loves watching his dad play - Tommy's only 2 1/2 so for Christmas my best friend gave him a small zither - he loves it and it's cool that he can play his own music pretty easily! He loves music too, and we're hoping he'll enjoy playing many instruments when he is older.

Happy SITS day!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Your son is so cute!
that little 12 year old guitarist is great! My 11 year old just started taking lessons. He's a long way off from that but with practice, who knows?
Congrats on your SITS day!
You have a great blog!