Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, first off, there was my very special day being the Featured Blogger on SITS. Gosh, I never had this many email notifications about new comments left! I am both amazed and in awe of the great outpouring of comments, and I hope that for most, it wouldn’t just be a one-off visit, but do stay along and read on!

I am still trying to finish visiting them all, but I had such a hectic week, I barely touched the whole list. So do bear with me – I will get in touch with you all too!

What was I busy with?

Well, Saturday (Jan 23) was also my handsome prince’s second birthday! Woohoo~!

We had such a packed weekend, and it was so fun, my knees are literally still recovering from that shock! Over the last 3 days, Jayvon went to the zoo, Sentosa (with his grandparents), Downtown East Explorer Kids (which explains my bruised knees) and loads of yummy ice-cream! More photos up soon, I promise!


ED said...

Oh my

247 Comments! envious! :)

I think I should get my wife to sign us up as well!

Louise said...

Glad the SITSas got it together for you. My first visit - don't you have a wonderful little boy! In Italy they would say he is "sveglio" - meaning awake or alert. It's a big compliment! Have a great time visiting all those wonderful bloggers. Louise