Saturday, January 30, 2010


Time flies! I cannot believe Jayvon is now two years old. Oh. My. Goodness.

Where did all those months go???

Having him has irrevocably changed our lives, as it should. And seeing his cheeky little smile is the right salve for no matter what fatigue and ‘battle scars’ that day brings.

We decided to bring Jay to the Singapore Zoo as his special birthday treat. He always adores animals, and loves each Zoo outing!

This time round, we rented the wagon to cart him around. At $15 it isn’t cheap.




But worth it. Beats us lugging him around! Haha!

And Jay had a blast visiting all his animal friends…

One of the highlights was when we went to the kangaroo exhibit. One naughty kangaroo hopped under and the enclosure and all the visitors started streaming towards this little fellow.

Enter Fearless Jay.


While the other kids were content to pat the kangaroo’s back…


he withheld his hands a little while at first.


Daddy demonstrated it was alright to pat the kangaroo.


Gingerly at first…


Then he really got into it. And Daddy had to restrain him. Cos he gave the kangaroo a too-heavy pat. On the head.


Kangaroo turned tail …


Fearless Jay started giving chase.


Almost caught him there…


Contemplating whether or not to step on its nice “juicy” and fat tail.

He didn’t, of course.

But he sure looked like he was going to!

All the while chasing the kangaroo, Jay held his hands out and kept saying to the “Here!” to the kangaroo… Like I said, Fearless Jay was in the house.

Mommy? My heart skipped too many a beat! Haha!

Well, after our kangaroo adventure, everything else seemed a bit tame. But we still had loads of fun.

One of the amazing things about the zoo is its consistent and colourful theme throughout!

From the funky animal prints on its tram-rides…


to the zebra-striped crossing…


even the road lines were zebra-stripes printed!


The rubbish bins were not spared either!


All in all, it was one hot, balmy Singapore afternoon…

And we had a blast of a time!


Christa Terry said...

That's so awesome! Hopefully my girl will be as fearless in another year.

I know just how you feel about the time just getting away from you. Mine is about to turn one, and I just can hardly believe it. I've heard the time starts to pass ore quickly from here on, too. Yikes, right?

Anonymous said...

That looks so much fun! :) I love the zebra stripe crosswalks!