Thursday, February 04, 2010

First 2 Days in Little Big

Little Big teachers maintain an online photo storage account, and they would upload photos of the kids on a daily basis.

While I cannot be there with Jay, it is so exciting to see the photos of him playing and interacting with his fellow Pre-Nursery friends!

Here’s the shots from Day 1:

20100201 - 1

Hmm… Ain’t this what is used to steam HongKong dim sums?

20100201 - 2

Gunny Sack fun!

And see? I do recall Ms. Liyun reminding me to bring Jay’s swimwear. *cough* But I forgot. So he had his water play time… fully clothed.


But then his pants got too cumbersome, so off it went and he sat bare-backside and played with water. Haha!


Learning through play!



As you can see, he loves to splash and play around in the pool! So I think this was a great contributing factor to his “perfect” first day in school.

And more photos from Day 2 (Feb 3, 2010):


I haven’t got any PlayDoh set for Jay at home, so this is his first time playing with this!


Don’t you like how everything looks so nice and cheery?

20100203 - 1

Hmm… very strange ball.

20100203 - 2

Ms. Liyun, his Pre-Nursery teacher. And the cutest thing was that all three students wore the same colour polo uniform today!

Little Big has polo tees in about 5 to 6 different bright colours, and each child is given three sets to rotate, and they are allowed to wear their own bottoms to school.

All in all, I am really glad I started preschool at Little Big for Jay. With the lessons and playtime, it stimulates him and engages him, and looking at these photos and the verbal reports given by his teachers, I am also sure he is having a rockin’ time in school!

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Klessis said...

Wow? What a great idea to have an online daily photo album! Awesome!