Wednesday, March 03, 2010

2 Lies & A Truth

Over the weekend, I went for Nic’s company retreat – all the way to sunny Malacca! Will blog more about that soon. (I do still need to prepare for my AGM, ya know! Haha!)

Anyhoooo, on Sunday night, the bunch of them gathered in our little suite, and we play many fun games… one was “2 Lies and A Truth” – each of us had to write 3 sentences about ourselves, with 2 of them being lies and 1 being the truth.

Seemingly, I had the “obvious” advantage seeing how no one (I mean, apart from Nic of course) knew me. Some of his female colleagues even lamented that they knew so much about each other this game was a foregone conclusion.

Well, I always love a challenge so I decided to write three sentences that would stump even my very dear hubby. Whom I know for more than 10 years. Whom I’ve dated since 2000. Whom I married in 2007, and had a baby boy with.

And yes, I even managed to stump him! Woohoo!

See if you can guess which is the true sentence!

#1: I love all kinds of fruits, especially rambutans.

#2: I’ve coloured my hair all sorts of colours before, including green.

#3: I’ve been to quite a few countries in the past, including Korea.

Tell me your guesses! It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong… I mean, even Nic got it wrong. Hahaa!

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