Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Linguistics Project

Yunrui and 3 of her project groupmates came over to our place on Sunday afternoon to seek an audience with the prince. Haha…

They wanted to “study” the linguistic abilities of 2-, 3- and 4-year  olds, so Jay was their test subject as well.

It was quite an interesting hour, seeing them trying to cajole Jayvon into speaking and talking to them. I mean, with us, we could hardly get him to stop talking sometimes! Haha!

2 things he did that amazed the group and brought out the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and ‘soooooooooooo cute’ expressions…

First, they bought a brand new alphabet jigsaw puzzle for Jay (and I think they got the same one for the other 2 “test subjects” previously too) and with just a little help from Mommy, he quickly got the whole puzzle fixed. Then he went on to name all the items on the jigsaw: “Alligator… Bee… Hippopotamus… Tiger… Lion… Owl… Zebra…” They “heard” of his jigsaw puzzle ability, but I guess seeing is really believing! Haha!

They needed to capture 100 words of his vocabulary, and I am pretty sure more than half of Jay’s vocab will be that of animals. Haha!

Oh, and the second thing that amazed the group?

He was able to differentiate between a boy and a girl, and when they asked questions like “What is HE doing?” or “What is SHE holding?” he would be able to answer pretty accurately. The only pronoun I haven’t introduced to him yet would be “it”! So when they showed him a photo of a boy and a cat and  asked “What is IT holding?” he got thrown away by that unfamiliar word.

Well anyway, thanks Rui and the rest… it was a fun afternoon with all you aunties, and Jay totally enjoyed himself & he adored the gift! (He has fixed the puzzle another 3 times to date)…

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Jerb said...

Jay is a really smart boy! :)