Friday, March 12, 2010

When Mommy Works Too Much…

Sometimes I forget Jayvon is like a sponge nowadays. And that he can mimick and ape us so scarily well.

At my mom’s house, my “workstation” is usually in front of the TV in the living room.

(I have a Masters in Multitasking, ya see)

And well, while I went to get myself a Mug Root Beer, I returned and found my usual spot hijacked by my two year old.

As he was staring into the screen, his fingers were rapidly moving across the keyboard as well.


Pardon the fuzzy photos, I was laughing so much at the sight of my serious-looking boy going “Hallo? Ya… ya…” into my Blackberry!


And in case you are wondering how I look like as I am typing on my Blackberry, this is a pretty clear picture!


Looks like I need to spend more alone time with my boy! Haha!

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