Friday, March 05, 2010

Malacca 2010: Making It There

It was our first trip to Malacca, and boy o boy, we were looking forward to it!

It was a gorgeous 4-hour long bus ride, with loads of green trees and blue skies along the way!


Even this sight that is never-seen-before in Singapore, as all our cabling happens underground!


Jay had a blast as well, watching loads of DVDs, snacking and playing with Mommy & Daddy throughout the ride.


Halfway through, Jay got his hands on my camera, and he’s not a half-bad cameraman. Check out his self-portraits!



He turned the camera on himself, said “Cheeeez!” and managed to click the right buttons! Haha!

He is growing to be a whiz on the camera – and even managed to find the “Colour Accent” function for Mommy! Haha! So of course, I used it for some of the photos…



Coming up… the food glorious food of Malacca!

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