Saturday, March 06, 2010

Malacca 2010: Food Glorious Food!

Even before I made it to Malacca, I was regaled with the yummylicious food available in Malacca. Gosh… the amount of food I “had” to try ranged from the chicken rice balls, durian chendol, nonya food, local coffee, pineapple tarts…

It was a case of too many meals, too little time!

We basically only had 24 hours in the land.

When we reached the Mahtoka Shopping Centre, after we disembarked, we had little choice due to hunger and the fact we were lugging around our huge bags, that we ended up at A&W. Yeap… Fast food!

I had such high hopes!


Quite disappointing, save for the A&W Root Beer Float, which was totally yummy!

Well, the upside was that my Prince was in a good enough mood to be photographed by me though! Despite the fact we had just got off a 4-hour bus ride!



My sunshine! :)

Food-wise, we had a proper Peranakan dinner that night, and yummy, it was great!


The menu came in this old-style cover.


Even the table cloth was this gorgeous flora hue.


Given the typically spicy Peranakan food, we ordered Fried Bee Hoon for Jay. It was the first dish to come, and the fragrant smell of this simple yet nicely-cooked dish boded well for the rest of the meal! Jay lapped this up!


Assam Prawns. Heavenly.


Fried Fish with Sambal Belachan.




Some kind of chicken stew.


No Nonya meal is complete without Chap Chye.

By evening, Jay’s “I’ll be a good, well-behaved boy” quota had depleted, and he became one whiney, irritable toddler. Nevertheless, we still managed to enjoy the dinner! Cost of dinner: RM195 for a 7-course dinner for 9 people. Pretty affordable!

Though we didn’t manage to try the much-lauded Ipoh Coffee, we still managed to grab a cuppa back in the hotel, for that much-needed caffeine fix.


Rest and relax… Aah…


Jerb said...

Ya blogged about the A&W at Malacca too! And we all felt the same way- DISAPPOINTING except for the A&W float... I mean how difficult is it to do a float- Vanilla ice-cream on top of an A&W drink.

San said...

Haha! Ya lo... But I do have fond childhood memories for the A&W Root Beer Float, and supposed I will still go there if I'm in M'sia. :)

I remember their waffles used to be good though!