Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter with JAMs

This was a special Easter for Jayvon! Why? Cos he is now old enough to attend service with Daddy. Nah, I am not referring to the usual weekend services, but I brought Jayvon for the JAMs Easter Service earlier.

What does JAMs stand for? It is Jesus for All Minds, City Harvest Church’s outreach to the intellectually challenged. It’s been ages since I’ve stepped into a JAMs service, and I really missed it! Jayvon got just a teensy weensy spooked by a few IDs who were a little effusive with their affection towards him, but it was a good exposure for him. Haha! They were so amused and fascinated by this little fella in their midst, but he didn’t enjoy the attention though! But… the highlight was definitely the praise and worship though, especially getting a kick from seeing his Daddy up on stage, on the big screen.

I forgot to bring my camera, so all shots are from my blackberry only…

JAMs 4

The hall was full of IDs, and when it came to praise, they were exuberantly praising and jumping away! It was super fun just watching them!

JAMs 2

Jay soon warmed up to the muzos and singers, as he pranced up and down the artiste room having fun with them!

JAMs 3 

Our parting shot in the artiste room…

All in all, it was one super fun morning!  He’s now “concussed” on the bed, we’re getting ready for yet another day out to church – this time to Expo for the main service at 5.30 p.m.!

Easter is a busy time for Mommy and Daddy… so by extension, Jay too! By the time Sunday ends, he would have attended a total of 4 Easter services!

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