Monday, April 12, 2010

Lunch With My Buddies

I have some awesome friends in my life. We’ve been friends for so long it seems kinda surreal. They’ve seen Nic & I through (most of) our courtship days, were right there with us through our wedding preparations and the actual 3-day affair itself, helped to scrub our new house where we were enjoying ourselves in USA after the wedding… The list is pretty endless. Of course, apart from the hard work, they’re also a source of great fun and laughter!

April marks Johnson & my birthdays. In case you didn’t already know, Johnson is Jayvon’s godpa. Cos Johnson says so.

And Melvin is Uncle Wii. Long story, but just so you know… Uncle Wii owes Jayvon a wii. Just so you know.

Anyways, we met for lunch at Vivocity’s No Signboard Restaurant. We were all a little confused as to the cuisine for the day, so in the end we ordered the usual dim sum and 1 chilli and 1 white pepper crab. Yes. For lunch.

Jay and I were the first to arrive. The rest filtered within the hour (cue deep sigh here), and so we settled for some fried rice first, to ease Jay’s hunger pangs.


It was pretty yummy! Boded well for the entire meal.

Here’s some of the dim sum we had. Not all the pictures are in… I was also busy eating it up too! Haha!


Char Siew pastry… I liked this!


Har Gao. Hmm… I don’t remember eating this though! Haha!


Mini-egg tarts. So-so. I prefer the ones at the Tung Lok Restaurant at Paramount Hotel.


My favourite dish. White Pepper Crab. No Signboard is one of the few? only? places in Singapore that has the white pepper crab version, rather than the spicier black pepper one. It was so delicious, and smelt so good… Unlike the black pepper version which I feel can numb your tongue pretty fast, this white pepper version is not as spicy and tangy. In fact, Jayvon loves this! He ate most of the pincer meat!

We ordered the chilli crab as well, which was pretty okay, but honestly,  my heart is still with the white pepper version.

We were really really stuffed. There were plenty of other food that I didn’t have time to take photos of, like their mee goreng (nice!), siew mais, char siew paos, carrot cake (I liked this!) and much, much more!


Can never forget the cake… and we also managed to wipe this clean as well.

Jayvon’s eyes cannot leave the candles. Haha! He couldn’t wait to blow them!


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