Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Resorts World Singapore… Our First Peek!

After our very full lunch, we decided to pop over to Sentosa to see Resorts World, to check out the place (and work off some calories with the walking!).

During out honeymoon, we went to Vegas, and I remember seeing those grand casinos and being in awe of their magnitude and beauty!

The Bellagio…

(Photo credit: Flickr)

New York New York

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First impression of Resorts World?

Not very subtle. As the very first casino operated in this nation, it was pretty obvious that that was the main draw. The look of the place also reminded me more of Genting rather than Vegas! Haha! Probably has to do with the developer. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing Marina Sands when it is up!


High archways, and those lit-up signboards along the pathway are quintessentially Genting!


We were excited tourists!

We had heard so much about Victoria’s Secret, it was naturally that this was one of our stop-points!


Singapore’s first VS Store! But I think I will stick to feeding my VS addiction frenzy craving online as the store here is small with an even smaller selection. IMG_6009

The guys watching the VS show, as it was playing in the TV screens outside the shop front. Apparently it was the 2008 show. Which we all didn’t know. Except for one in our party. And the most unexpected one. Haha!

A sneak peek at one of the 4 (I think!) hotels within Resorts World…



I loved these colourful paper lanterns hanging in the hotel lobby!



2 naked statues… I took a while to understand this artpiece, till I caught a glimpse of this at the foot of the naked lady statue…


A bitten apple! Aah… so they’re supposed to be Adam and Eve? Ah well… Strange nonetheless.


Apart from the “usual” photo-taking points, the lobby of the hotels are another hot gathering spot for a very simple reason. Some awesomely awesome cars line the hotel lobbies! There were so many people taking photos of these cars, and posing beside them, this was the best shot I can muster! Haha!


Before we ended our short foray in Resorts World, we popped by the Hershey’s store. Now, this reminded me most of Vegas! There was an M&M store there, and just entering in was a high!


Shilin was drawn to this store too!


And who wouldn’t like it? Check out these HUGE bottles of Hershey’s strawberry syrups! Yummy? Haha… they’re actually piggy banks!


So pretty, no?

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